God’s Grace

Posted: July 30, 2018 in Bible, Jesus, Religious, Writing
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It has been a while since I’ve been on here, but I think I’ve missed doing this more than I realized.


I came across an album on my cell phone that has a track that featuring Jentezen Franklin.  He is talking in a track on the album about Exodus 32:32.  As I read the entire 32nd chapter; I began to weep.  For I imagined myself, in Moses shoes, going before God on Mt. Sinai to ask God to forgive the people of Israel of the horrible sin they had just committed. Moses asked God “Now if You would only forgive their sin.” Moses has nothing else to say, just stops. Then changes gears and begins to talk about something else.  I believe as Moses was asking God to forgive them, he didn’t have the words to describe the amount of grace he was asking God to show.  At that moment, we see such a large amount of grace extended by God. God wanted to destroy the Israelites for their sin. Moses became the interceeder for God’s people, and asked for that Amazing Grace to be shown and forgive them.


What we can take away from this is: we can total blow it with God, and miss the mark totally. God can become angry and want to destroy us like He did with the Israelites. God’s Grace was shown because of one person asking for a whole nation for God to forgive. We ourselves still face the consequences of our decision, but we can rest assure that God’s Grace will be extended to us. God will welcome us, and forgive us with open arms.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Your grace is beyond any words, we can begin to fathom in our small finite brains. We ask that you forgive us O’ Lord. Whether our sins are great or small, we deserve the eternal damnation. Yet, you sent your Son Jesus to be our savior, who died, was buried for 3 days, rose, and ascended to heaven to be at the right hand of Your throne.  We thank you for your forgiveness, and let us be able to extend that same forgiveness to others.  Amen


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